Sunday, November 4, 2012

Unloading the Bottle Kiln

The bottle kiln was unloaded the day before i had to leave.  Happy Halloween!
 The Jack O Lantern openings of the kiln.
 Heavy ash that doesn't burn up and melt.  A property of the type of wood available here in Bali.
 Aarti and Gyan examine one of her pieces still hot from the firing.

 My cups turned out beautifully with such varied results!

 I left an octopus for Hill and Janur, a small token to show my appreciation for their infinite hospitality.
 The unloading table filled with wares.
 Another of my pieces.
 Made Arta's fine carving skills.
 Made Arta, Jiawen, Augus, Gyan, Nabahat, Aarti, Grace, and Marianne.
A parting shot as I headed for the airport at the Art Villa Bed and Breakfast.

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