Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Water Temple and Sanur Beach

 A last shot of Janur's family home in Jangkahan during the rain.
 Wayan Suparta leaves an offering at the Sacred Banyan Tree standing guard at the entrance to the Water Temple.
 The elaborate carvings of the gate to the baths.
 Jiawan, Nabahat, and Gyan.
Prepared to bath in the natural cool water springs in full sarong and selendang, the belt that divides the body to represent the upper and under worlds.
 The water diverted through individual spouts signify certain types of blessings.  You start at one end and pray and bath in each of over 15 spouts.
 Bathers and tourists.
 The temple below the palace property in the background.
 Carved characters guard the gilded temple structures.
 Cool spring water bubbles from billowing black and white sand.
 The priest prays and offers to the temple gods.
 Finely carved stone depicts dragons and gods.
 The traditional small offerings hold at least 10 different items each with its own significance to prayer and offering.
 A closer look at where the priest leads prayer.
 Nabahat and Gyan in front of the source of the spring.
 Fine carvings are not only everywhere in the temples, but can be found scattered all over Bali.
 The rules for entering temple.
 Balinese script.
 Jiawan on the black sand stretch of beach in Sanur.
 Just beyond Sanur beach rows of trees protect a strip of Warungs (small shops or eateries)
I caught an early morning shot of this pungent night blooming flower before they closed their petals for the day.  Not sure the name of the flower... would anyone like to see if they can google it for me?

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hillary said...

It is called "Sedap Malam" in Indonesian-- or Night-Blooming Jasmine-- and sometimes "Lady-of-the-Night":)