Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bohol Island

We rented a boat for the day to do a little island hopping, snorkeling, and watch the sunset.

A local fishing crew catches tonight's dinner!

Denise documents a stunning sunset.

The kids on the beach showed us the mummy starfish they found.

Megan and Kelly have a snack at Organic Bohol Bee Farm

Our boat crew expertly guides the craft.

Good thing Denise forgot her swimsuit or we wouldn't have been able to enjoy the quick fix "Animal" suit she found at the beach!

The endangered Philippine Tarsier, about the size of my fist, is one of the smallest primates on Earth.

Carey's weaving skills are put to the test.

Hooray! Organic Farm!

The Buzzzzzz

Our friend Mohamed makes his Tarsier face.

I got to join Megan for a couple of dives.

Practicing for the Olympics.

Rafee and Dennick our scuba guides help bring the boat to shore after a successful day in the water.

Great Dive shop in Alona Beach, Panglao just off of Bohol.  Say hello to Rafee and Dennick when you go!

The sun rises over Alona Beach on Thanksgiving Day before I catch my flight back to Manila.  So much to be grateful for!

Mall of Asia.

Evening traffic in Manila.

...just another gorgeous sunset over Manila Bay.  

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