Saturday, October 20, 2012

Back to Bali

What a stretch of traveling to get here!  Troopers that my parents are, they drove me to Newark airport leaving at 6:30am on October 16th.  I had to be there extra early for that international flight into.... Minneapolis!  well then Tokyo, then Manila by 11:30pm on the 17th.  I spent 7 1/2 hours with my mom's brother and family before heading back to the airport heading to Indonesia by way of Malaysia.  The homestretch was a cozy 2 hour drive into Ubud to meet dear Hillary, her husband Janur, and their amazing twin girls, three month old, Koru and Kaylas!

Their home is an amazing open air kitchen and living space with two bedrooms and two baths.  Each bath with two showers. . . one inside and one out!  A house with twin rooms, twin showers, and now twin baby girls!  It's cozy and familiar.  I stayed here with Hillary on my first visit to Bali four years ago before I helped her move closer to town.

Admittedly, I bragged to friends and family state side that I was on a whirlwind schedule so that I would be able to attend the traditional coming of age three months ceremony for the girls.  The ceremony signifies when Balinese babies are first considered to be human, transformed from gods when their feet touch the earth for the first time.  My arrival on the 18th would be just in time for the ceremony on the 19th.  Apparently the date was changed, and I missed the October 15th transformation.  I was pretty bummed.  It's not every day that you miss watching gods transform into humans!  Decidedly, it is still amazing to be here, in paradise, with two new, smiling, gurgling little miracles.

So far it's been baby care and eating.  Them more than us.  Mom is asked for food every hour or so by one of the little ones and while the nanny is great with the babies, I have had a lot of time to cuddle, coddle, and entertain the little ones while they entertain me.  I do have to say my first concert... solo singing to an audience of one, resulted in putting her to sleep.  I don't think I'll ever have a lucrative career in music, but if you need me to put your little one to bed, I might be your girl!

We did make it to yoga this morning at the specacular Yoga Barn, and toured the exquisite Five Elements Healing Spa and Resort where Hillary and Janur were married, taking the opportunity to sample some of the delicious raw cuisine.  I haven't had a chance to load those photos yet, so until next time.  Sampai Jumpa Lagi!

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